Confession: For the last 10 years or so I have been on and off diets fairly consistently. I’ve done the 3 day diet, a juice cleanse, counted calories, ate more protein, had no sweets, joined Weight Watchers, tried the Special K challenge…you name it. I really want to lose weight, but I want dessert and carbs even more (which is a damn shame for my waistline). Since it’s bikini season, at present I am obviously on some variation of a diet. Therefore, what I can’t eat I pin. It helps that Adam and I basically have the shittiest kitchen known to man and it’s an effing puzzle trying to cook anything up in thur. There’s also not a dishwasher in our shitty kitchen…which makes cooking even more of a chore. That being said, here’s some of what I wish we were eating (and drinking) right now. Feel free to drop off any of the below, at any time.

1. Sausage stuffed jalapenos. There is nothing wrong with this phallic-looking goodness.


2. Pretty blueberry mojitos. Because I like to be classy when I drink sometimes.


3. No explanation needed.


4. Braided spaghetti bread. Shameless and delicious.


5. I like everything about these campfire eclairs, except that they aren’t in my belly right now.


Happy eating (or pinning).

xx, Victoria

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